Jan 1, 2016

The Sportz4You Story


Having graduated from IIM Ahmedabad, our pathways were pre-set in stone. A corporate career beckoned and we took the road. We brought in laurels to our companies, we raked in the amounts, we created change in their systems, we flew high.

We flew abroad, We lived abroad. We lived. We picked up a lot of things.
We picked up on how the world beyond India works.

Quite literally

We noticed the importance given to personal life, passion and health.
We understood the difference in their approach to life.
We marvelled at the application of work – life balance.
We recognised the importance of sport – life balance.

We decided to bring that to India.

We realised that we Indians perform more, play less, eat more and exercise less.
We realised that we stop playing far earlier, even though we have enough passion left for two lifetimes.
We realised that for a land of a billion people that comes alive during a Cricket match, the average work week lasted way longer than a Test.
We realised that we have a million wonderful friends to do a million things with. But the one thing we want to do, is play.
We realised that Indians love to play, eat, bond and want to be healthy. But no one gives them the chance. Least of all themselves.

And thus,

We left our jobs. We came home. We wanted to set that right.

This is the pathway we chose to make. The one we chose to take.

This is us. Bringing to you

written by Rahul Antony Thomas

Rahul Antony Thomas, An IIM - A graduate, is CEO and Co-founder of Sportz4you. A Passionate Footballer, he enjoys playing but enjoys getting people to play more. He advocates and constantly searches for innovative ways get people to take up an Active Lifestyle. He believes that people should be playing throughout their lives, no matter where they are. Rahul spends his time educating communities one Active living and its benefits.

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