May 19, 2016

1 2 3 of selecting football shoes


Step 1: Pre-shopping – Set the Budget:

Yes! money matters. Think of the budget before you go out and explore the options. From wide variety of options, you can go for following places as per your budget,

  • Below – 2000 –> Decathlon
  • Above – 2000 –> Nike, Adidas, Puma, Umbro

One more thing, Don’t buy online!!!! Go out and try it yourself then go forward with the best option.


Step 2: Buy only when it feels right:

Try out – as Size and Fit matters – Certain things you can only know once you try it. Now many companies have different shoes to fit in, perfect for different foot types & satisfying the requirements players have like the material used, weight of the shoes and position of play.

Comfort matters – Select the right size – When you try out, make sure that there are no pressure points. We recommend wearing an ankle support because it helps in avoid a lot of ankle injuries. You need to leave the required space for this in advance.

Thumb rule – If you have a thumb space between your toes and the top of the boot, they are too big. If you have no space, then they are too small. The right distance to look for is about a baby finger width between your toe and the top of the boot. If you feel your toe pressing against the upper they are definitely too tight.


Decide, for what type of ground you want to buy a shoe. Different grounds/turf play significant role in selection of shoe. Shoes are designed to play in different pitches.

1. Artificial Turf – Football Trainer Shoes – Buy football shoes with numerous tiny nubs on the bottom for the best traction on dry, artificial grass. The best way to figure out these type of shoes from the football shoes is ‘tiny nubs’ in the sole and looks like the football shoes (FG, SG category). This type gives more support and comfort because of tiny nubs instead of lengthy studs. This has less impact on knees compare to studs from my experience. The best option for the players who are back in action after a break or had knee or ankle injuries.

All good brands have a Trainers model to their popular models.


2. Natural/ Artificial Turf – Firm ground (FG shoes) Sole can have any of the three types of soles – Blades, Studs, Mix of both, Diamond shaped (Adidas). Blades felt less impact on knees. And it helps in quick turns and runs.


3. Indoor – Indoor courts requires non marking shoes – They are normally made of rubber soles with lines that gives the required amount of traction.


4. Soft ground – (SG shoes) – boots should only be worn when the surface is soft enough for the studs to penetrate the surface. Otherwise you would injure your knees badly because this type has lengthy metal studs. This is the configuration of choice for players in areas where it rains very frequently and they usually feature replaceable studs.

55. Leather/ Synthetic – Synthetic: Purchase shoes made from synthetic materials if you need extra support or reinforcement in the ankle, mid-foot and forefoot regions.

Leather: Wear football shoes made from leather for increased flexibility and to help your feet breathe easier.


Next thing you should brainstorm on is, Position you play – The requirements are different as each position is different

1. Defensive players: will want to look for a boot that offers slightly more protection, extreme level of padding for heal and something that allows for a clean pass on the ball and have more grip.

62. Midfielders: need a boot that offers control and the ability to run up and down the pitch for 90minutes in total comfort.

 73. Wingers: look for lightweight and boot that provides the ability to accelerate and change direction quickly.

84. Forwards: will benefit from a boot that offers a clean strike zone and provides minimal weight for explosive movements



Step 3: Post shopping:

Now you tried out the shoes in the showroom and bought them with great enthusiasm. You may think you are ready to play but Wait!! Next thing is to get really comfortable with it.

Wear it for some jogging sessions: It will Helps to loosen up the stitching to fix well to your feet. Also this allow the soleplate to fix into the natural posture of your foot. This also reduce the chance of blisters. And you can change the shoes if you feel it uncomfortable. So this is basically second round of testing as well.


Post playing maintains is utmost required for your lovely shoe last longer. Take it out of the Shoe kit. Let it dry in a cool place. Better to keep it out of direct sunlight or heat.

So now you ready to shine on the ground! Ohh! Wait… One more thing, go for the sexiest and coolest colour & flaunt your style.

To learn more about football gears & tricks, plus to play the passionate game of football, contact us by clicking HERE!! You just have to drop a message and we will take care of your daily dose of football and fitness!

written by Aswin MG

A football expert, Aswin idolizes Messi and worships FC Barcelona. A former state level footballer, he quit his programming job to follow his heart and now encourages more people to pick up the beautiful game.

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