The WHO recommends a minimum of 60 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity per day.
80 percent of kids these days, DO NOT get that.

Paperball Weekends

Presenting Paperball weekends, a top notch non-competitive multi-sport activity program for children. We ensure they get their regular dose of Physical activity and have fun through activities designed to develop an interest in sports and nurture a healthy lifestyle from childhood!

This is an exciting weekend for Kids

  • Who love playing but don't get to
  • Who like making new friends but don't get the chance
  • Who want to be more active but don't know how
  • Who are lazy but shouldn't be
  • Who want to break free, relax and have fun

And Parents

  • Who want to involve their kids in something fun
  • Who are looking to spend Quality Time with their kids
  • Who want to limit screen time for their children
  • Who want an Active Lifestyle for their little ones
  • Who believe that kids should get to Enjoy their Childhood

Paperball parents share their experience!

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"I have three kids and every weekend, I would struggle to come up with ideas on how to keep them engaged. So I took them to the Paperball session at the beach and boy did they enjoy it! It was almost as if they were finally liberated and only now do I realize how detrimental being stuck inside the house is" - Jayakrishnan K, father of Akshadha, Navadha and Nivedh

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"He used to be one of most silent boys in his class and his teachers used to complain that he used to sit inside the class even during the games period. But after Paperball weekends, the change has been dramatic. He has taken up games and now loves to play with classmates and friends. I'm actually happier than him!" - Salini Sukumaran, Mother of Arjun R Nair

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"I recently enrolled my daughter for the program for her to become more active and healthy. Little did I know that these weekly sessions would turn out to be so much fun for her. We were talking about this recently and this is what she had to say "I have a lot of fun here. I get to play a lot unlike weekdays when I have a lot of home work. The best part is that I get to make new friends other than the ones I have at school." - Karthika, Mother of Gayathri.

We are at Jimmy George Indoor Stadium, Vellayambalam!

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The origins of PaperBall

Remember how we played as a child? That important cricket match we sneaked in between two exams during the lunch hour – a crumpled question paper bound by a rubber band for the ball, clip board for the bat, a game freely played for runs and wickets…rules made up as we went along, no replays, no retakes – just quick, spontaneous fun with friends. What masqueraded as time pass was instructive, engaging and unforgettable. They were life’s first lessons in health and fitness, teamwork, patience and focusing on something we loved. And yet it all seemed so effortless and natural.

Our Paperball program for kids is designed to take your kids through that experience and enrich them for life. It is the perfect opportunity for your kids to pick up a sport.What's more? You and your spouse get to enjoy the game of Badminton as your kids are traipsing around having fun!

We all know kids are the cornerstones of our family and our future. This is why we believe shaping their future is the most important decision any parent can take! So what are you waiting for? Set them on the Paperball path already!

Our Paperball program for kids is also designed to be facilitated.It is the perfect opportunity for your kids to pick up a sport.What's more? You and your spouse get to enojy get to enjoy the game of Badminton as your kids are traipsing around having fun!

We all know kids are the cornerstones of our family and indeed a nation. They are your future and the future of a nation. Which is why we help you help shape them!


The people who make it happen, for us and for you.


An engineer by trade. Community sports and fitness expert with 3 yrs of experience in designing and executing sports based fitness programs. Jithin specializes in making the program exciting for all age groups. He also plays every major sport you can think of and loves to read, write and watch movies!


Anoop, with a Masters in Physiotherapy has for over 6 years, served in various specialty hospitals, fitness centers and football clubs. His research on Hamstring Flexibility was published by the International Journal for Current Research and Reviews. He also incorporates a unique and holistic approach to health and fitness.


Another Engineer in our midst, Praveena is a National level Table Tennis player. She comes from a family of athletes including National and International players, coaches and trainers! Over the last couple of years, she has gained extensive experience working with young children, introducing them to multiple sports and generally being awesome with them!

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